National Credit Regulator :: Approved Fee Structure

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Pricing Style

A Debt Counsellor may receive the following fees in respect of consumers who have applied for debt counselling:
  • An application fee, limited to the amount prescribed in terms of Schedule 2 (2) of the Act, recoverable directly from the consumer upon receiving an application for debt review;
  • A rejection fee of R300.00 (excluding VAT) in respect of consumers whose applications have been rejected in terms of section 86(7)(a);
  • A monthly after-care fee payable to the DC 5% up to a max of R400 (excl VAT) for the first 24 months, thereafter reducing to 3% to a max of R400 (excl VAT).
A restructuring fee of the lesser of the first instalment of the debt re-arrangement plan in respect of a consumer whose applications have been accepted in terms of 86(7) (b) or 86(7) (c).
  • • Maximum allowable fee for a Single Application (Once off) R6000 (excl VAT)
  • • Joint Application (Once off) R6000 (excl VAT)
  • 100% of the fee is payable at the first instalment
  • Should a Debt Counsellor fail to submit proposals to Credit Providers or refer the matter to a Tribunal or a Magistrate Court within 60 business days from date of the debt review application the Debt Counsellor has to refund 100% of the fee paid by the consumer (excluding the application fee).
Payment of the monthly after-care fee is to commence in the 2nd month after the amount in 1.3.1 above has been paid.
  • Should the consumer withdraw from the process after completing stages 1.3 above, a fee equal to 75% of the restructuring fee as per 1.3 above is payable by the consumer.
  • Legal Fees : A legal fee for a consent order of R750. Any additional legal fees to be negotiated separately with the consumer and the DC must be able to produce pro-forma invoices.