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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is Debt Counselling?
Debt Counselling is a solution for over-indebted borrowers that ensures sufficient protection against loss of assets and assists with the restructuring of debt so that the consumer can meet his / her basic living expenses.
What is the difference between Debt Counselling, Administration and Sequestration ?
Debt Counselling was formally introduced by the National Credit Act to help over-indebted consumers, especially in our current economic crisis. The goal of Debt Councelling is to develop a repayment plan which is affordable to you, as well as acceptable to all your credit providers. Debt 911 will restructure your current monthly payments, and obtain a court order on your behalf.


Administration is a legal process, where the installments are reduced, but creditors only receive payment every three months and the term of repayment is much longer than under Debt Counselling. Debt must be less than R50 000 to qualify. Debt Counselling was brought in to replace Administration, and is a much better option.


Sequestration is a legal process whereby all your debts are written off, and gives you a fresh start in life. This option is available to you if your liabilities exceed your assets, and your available income is not enough to restructure your current credit agreements by submitting a reasonable payment proposal to your creditors.
What will my fees be is i go under Debt Review?
Our fees are regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), and are included in your debt repayment plan, with other words, no additional cash is payable by you.
How long will it take to get protection against creditors wishing to take legal action?
You will get IMMEDIATE protection.
How does Debt 911 manage to lower my debt repayments ?
In terms of the National Credit Act, we may restructure your credit agreements by extending payment terms and lowering interest rates. This was the whole purpose of the Act.
When do i start paying the reduced payment?
We calculate your new payment immediately, and you will be paying a reduced payment from the first month.
How do I pay the reduced payments?
You will pay one reduced, affordable instalment to an accredited payment distribution agency (The National Payment Distribution Agency (NPDA)). Debt 911 makes use of Altech NuPay NAEDO (Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order). and Stop Orders instituted by the consumers.
What about Leagal fees?
Debt 911 appoints an attorney on your behalf in order to obtain a court order. The legal fees are negotiated, and also forms part of your restructured payment with the consent of the creditors, meaning you do not have to pay the fees additionally.
Will my creditors still contact me after i have applied for debt review?
They are by law not allowed to contact you, and are supposed to only negotiate with us, although in practice, they still try to convince you to commit to all sorts of payment promises. DO NOT engage in negotiations with them. Rather let us do the negotiations, that is what and why we are here for.
Is there a way that my debt can be consolidated?
You can apply in conjunction with your Debt Counsellor for a consolidation loan to the relevant institutions but this tends to only be granted in extreme cases.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is a credit bureau report and how do i get mine?
A consumer can obtain a report about their credit rating free of charge once a year by calling: Experian on 0861 10 5665 OR Transunion on 0861 482 482.
Can i apply for credit under debt review?
NO, you cant.
Will i be black=listed if I apply for Debt Review?
NO. There is no black-listing but if Debt 911 finds you to be over-indebted, we will add a flag to your credit record asking creditors not to lend you more money because of the fact that you are already over-indebted. This will be removed once the debt has been repaid and when you are no longer over-indebted.
can my creditors still blacklist me if I am under debt review?
NO, they are not allowed to blacklist you. A very good reason to apply for debt review rather sooner than later
At what stage will my listing be removed from the Credit Bureau?
As soon as your debt has been settled, we issue you with a clearance certificate, and instruct the credit bureaux to remove the flag behind your name. You can also voluntary withdraw from the process if you are in a position to pay your creditors..
What happens if i have been incorrectly black - listed by a credit provider? Is there a way that this can be corrected?
YES, as long as proof can be provided.
Which accounts can be included in the Debt Review process?
All credit agreements can be included but not service agreements such as water and lights accounts or cell-phone accounts. Any accounts on which judgment has been taken cannot be included.
Why can a Garnishee (Emolument Attachment Order) not be included?
It is already a Court Order and only a Court can make a change to the Court Order.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I contact Debt911 if I have recieved a letter of demand?
YES. You must contact us urgently if you receive a letter of demand. Debt Counsellors can make arrangements on a letter of demand or warrant of execution but if a court judgment has been taken they cannot do anything.
Can I still go under Debt Reeview if i have been black listed by a creditor?
YES. You can be placed under Debt Review at anytime, provided a Debt Counselor has declared you over-indebted.
Will I still be able to use my overdraft facility and credit cards?
NO.Once notification has been given to the credit providers, the accounts will be blocked from further use.
Can I pay my creditors directly if I want to pay additional monies on accounts owing?
You need to contact us first, because we have to allocate such payments correctly in conjunction with the re-arrangement plan.
How will debt review influence my credit record, and when will i be able to apply for credit again??
Whilst under debt review, a flag will appear on the credit bureau, indicating that you are under debt review. Once you have paid off your debt, or are not over indebted any longer, we will instruct the credit bureau to remove the flag, and you will be able to apply for credit again. If you opt not to go under debt review, the creditors will commence with legal action, and default payments, as well as adverse behavior will be listed on your name. Adverse information will stay on the credit bureau for 2 years, and judgments for at least 5 years (Magistrate Court Judgment), and for at least 10 years (High Court Judgment). It is therefore of the utmost importance to apply for debt review, in order to keep your credit record in good standing.
Can a bank or credit provider provide Debt counselling?
NO. It is a conflict of interest. Always talk to your Debt Counselor. Debt 911 is here to help you with our team of Debt Counselors to get you back on track, get rid of debt and start a new more prosperous life.
What happens if s credit provider does not accept a repayment plan?
Debt 911 can calculate a new proposal or refer the matter to the Court for a decision.
How does the court procedure work? Do I have to attend the proceedings?
No, you are a respondent in the matter, and Debt 911 will be the applicant, therefore our attorney will appear in court and notify us of the outcome immediately.


You may contact the National Credit Regulator on 0860 627 627 quote our registration number NCRDC2694 or contact our offices on
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